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by Celina Agaton

My work in the Philippines was recently referenced in the United Nations World Data Forum Blog by Afeefah Khazi-Syed at the World Bank Global Practice Group for Sustainable Development:

Resource-poor regions around the world have been suffering from inequitable health infrastructure for decades. As we look forward to the 2020 Virtual UN World Data Forum (October 19-21, 2020), hospital accessibility planning falls squarely within Thematic Area 2: “Leaving No One Behind.”

The World Bank’s Development Data Partnership brings international organizations together with private sector companies to facilitate the use of third-party data in research and international development. Using this platform and guidance of experts in the field, our team worked with several open and private data sources to address the challenge of measuring accessibility to health facilities in select regions. Here, we discuss our workflow and demonstrate findings in Indonesia and the Philippines as a proof of concept.

Read the full article.

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