by Celina Agaton

At the Creative Economy Council of the Philippines – CECP, we’ve partnered with Kumu, the Pinoy livestreaming app, to explore new ways for creatives to make a living. Kumu currently has 10 million users in 55 countries, with some regulars making P20,000 or $360 per week! Download the app and join our Kumu livestream @CreativeEconomyPH tomorrow at 3pm Wednesday, January 26 to meet and support the artists we’re working with:

Kaliwat Performing Artists Collective, is fundraising for their musical production of Usahay, the timeless Bisaya song composed in Davao.

CATTSKI created 22 Tango Music Group to support original Filipino music and help musicians avoid common pitfalls in the industry.

Waway Linsahay Saway II shares his Talaandig Indigenous songs and musical instruments.

And Kalel Ervin Demetrio shares his journey to create international award-winning spirits foraged with Indigenous and local communities.


Apply For a Telus Philippines Grant

by Celina Agaton

For registered non-profits in the Philippines, we need more grant applicants! The next Telus grant application deadline is June 11. A single organization can receive as much as P500,000 within 1-2 months. Telus funds youth, LGBTQ, Indigenous, health, agriculture, culture, sports, education, environment and technology projects.

Apply online at https://bit.ly/3bw8j1Y

Learn about the program at https://www.telus.com/en/social-impact/giving-back/community-grants/philippines

Fundraising for Maker Faire Toronto

by Celina Agaton

Maker Faire Team Photo

I launched the Pay it Forward campaign to help kids and families in priority neighbourhoods attend the 2013 Toronto Mini Maker Faire. Part science fair, part festival, and part something entirely new, Toronto Mini Maker Faire is a registered non-profit, all-ages gathering of tech enthusiasts, engineers, tinkerers, hobbyists, science clubs, hackers, artists, students, and commercial exhibitors. All of these “makers” come to Maker Faire to show what they have made and to share what they have learned while creating it. Toronto joins over 60 cities around the world that host a Maker Faires of their own.

Over 4000 people packed Wychwood Barns Sept 21 & 22 for Maker Faire Toronto 2013.

Learn more about the campaign and Cory Doctorow’s support.

Georgian College Fundraising Tech Tools

by Celina Agaton

Georgian College

Georgian College invited me to lead a session at their 2010 fundraising conference. Titled, “Getting the Most out of Your Tech Budget,” I share my three page list of free and low cost international tools like free and open source software and $10,000 Google Adwords Grants. Here’s the session description:

Now more than ever, fundraisers are looking for ways to maximize resources. Learn how new free and affordable web tools can help improve the ways you plan and organize events and learn about new resources, grants and programs that help engage and sustain funders and supporters in your community.